@LatinoTownhall’s Top #Leadership Quotes of 2014


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“Prize the person by praising their performance.” –Joel Garcia

“A partnership with reluctance is the leader’s compromise.” –Joel Garcia

“Legacy means that what we do matters; the residual effects of our lives linger and impact beyond us.” –Joel Garcia

“Truth is transient, going from mere belief to changing our current reality.” –Joel Garcia

“Success is not a place nor a position, rather it’s becoming the person you were meant to be.” –Joel Garcia

“Effective teams purposefully, systematically and creatively communicate on a regular basis.” –Joel Garcia

“Culture reflects the character of an organization, while strategy is the expression of that character.” –Joel Garcia

“Your dream is only an idea, desire is now needed to drive your dream.” –Joel Garcia

“Culture is created from the discussions we have daily, and the life we live thereafter.” –Joel Garcia


5-Steps to Bring Your Dream to Reality:


Dreams abound in our lives. The question is “how many of our dreams go unfulfilled throughout our lifetime?” For many, unfortunately, this is quite true. There is a simple five-step solution to bring more of our dreams to fruition. Here’s how:

  1. Dream – The intangible world

Dreams exist in what is called the ‘intangible” world of our thoughts, ideas and fantasies. We can acquire a dream from inspiration or our deepest longings for something meaningful and fulfilling. A dream is simply a colorful picture of the future, of what can be? Before we can crystallize our dreams into reality, we have to ask ourselves a few questions:

Who I am? – Identity

Why am I here? – Purpose

Where am I going? – Destiny

Some dreams are simply silly ideas, conjured up from the lack of knowledge and experience. I remember when I was in Junior High School. I was a good basketball player, making the all-star team from a large middle school with four teams. From these four teams, 60 players were vying for the same All-Star team, of which only the top twelve made the cut to represent the school in regional tournaments. Since I was one of the twelve, I thought to myself, “When I grow up I want be an NBA basketball player.” All my dreaming of becoming a player on a big league team subsided when I stopped growing after my freshmen year of High School. So what would I become? What would I do with my life? Not all dreams are meant to be.

  1. Desire – Giving birth to your dream(s)

Once I had a dream list for my life, I had to access something different from within to make my dreams a reality. Desire, therefore, became the starting point to refine my dream list. Desire is rooted in your heart, where a constant vigil happens of thinking through your dream. Once a dream has taken root in your heart, you can start moving into a desired direction. After all, God will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4), if you prioritze him in your life. Your heart is the center of emotional activity, where motivation takes place and passions grow. You must acquire the motivation and draw inspiration to engage your dream to the next step.

  1. Design – The plan of action

Once you have something burning deep within your soul, you must sit down and create a plan of action. Planning is not a strength for most people, but a crucial step that must take place. Planning requires a person to think and write out goals, objectives and reasons why a particular dream is truly yours, and second, that you are the only one with a unique dream tailored for your life. A plan of action should consist of three basic features:

  1. Creating vision for your dream, the one thing that will keep the dream alive before you.
  2. Listing objectives; small action steps, people and resources to make your dream happen.
  3. Assessing your objectives: This is an evaluative process of measuring your effectiveness. How will you know when certain steps have been achieved? What more is needed for the journey ahead?

These are just three areas that can branch out into more steps. I have listed only the critical ones to get you started.

  1. Diligence – Taking decisive action

Once you have devised a workable plan, you must be diligent – day in and day out, throughout the process. Dreams are achieved with grit and commitment to see them through fruition. Diligence is simply paying attention, making necessary corrections as you go, and acquiring the stamina needed to make it through testing and trials. There will be obstacles along the way that will test your resolve and character. Don’t take short-cuts through this process because most, if not all trials, are developing the character you need to live out your dream. Your process maybe short or long, but regardless of the length to achieve your dream, this process will make you a better person or leader along the way. Dreams exist to stretch you and make you into a different person. If your dream doesn’t challenge you along the way, it was just a bad idea in the first place.

  1. Discover – the tangible

Once you have taken the steps to make your dream tangible; this means it is becoming a reality right before your very eyes. You will have discovered more about yourself, and you will be better prepared to sustain your dream, and appreciate your new reality in a better state as a person. Soon you will see pieces of the puzzle come together, where the picture becomes more evident and tangible.

Confronting the Fear Factor

An excerpt from my new book The Dimensional Leader:


My son was an outstanding football player who played first-string positions in offense, defense and special teams on his High School prep football team. He played so often, he rarely got a break on the sidelines to catch a breath of fresh air. The joke around our house posed in question form was, “Man, are they ever going to allow you a breather between plays?”

His genesis in football, however, was dismal at best. I wondered if he would ever play the game well, until one day he had a metamorphosis of his own. Prior to his high school years he played in the Nevada Youth Football League. He had never played the game before but passionately desired to do so. However, he had one small problem; he was timid when it came to tackling others, which is a major part of playing the game. Whenever he would face an oncoming tackle, he would grab on and wait for some of his teammates to join in on the tackle. It was obvious to the casual observer that my son was fearful of hurting someone or being hurt himself. This was a personal constraint line he imposed upon himself. In my best estimation, the line of resistance in his life was probably fear due to a lack of knowledge and experience.

One day there was an option play taking the running back around the side and down the sidelines. My son was playing the defensive end position and followed the play well. He ran toward the sidelines, gaining so much momentum along the way, that he just happened to meet the running back on the sideline at the right angle, at the right time and with the right amount of speed and force. He had no other option but to plow him over by his shear momentum. It was a great site for any father to see as both of them went crashing down, kicking up dirt and grass as they tumbled together on the green turf. As he got off the ground I knew something had shifted; there was a monumental change in his stride, as he strutted back to the huddle with a newfound identity. It was during this time, I discerned his fear for tackling his opponents had lifted, and he had gained a new level of confidence as a gridiron man. He had crossed over the line of demarcation between fear and reality. When he got back into the huddle, the team celebrated by smacking his helmet with their hands, a sign of acceptance into an elite fraternity of gridiron men.

In ensuing plays, I noticed he was not intimidated anymore. For him tackling was not a bad thing after all. He had tasted the experience of a tackle and liked it; therefore, he crossed the line of demarcation, separating himself from his fear of tackling others. My son had broken through a line of resistance in his life. From that noticeable event, he went on to have many more successful prep football seasons as an all around team player.

The fear factor is probably the most debilitating line of resistance for many people. However, with the right words of encouragement coupled with commitment, anyone can break the fear barrier. This treatise shows you how you can do it.

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#Latinos Must Grasp the Concept Known as Convergence

In my newly released book The Dimensional Leader, I briefly discuss the concept of convergence. A critical concept Latinos must grasp. Here’s an excerpt from my book:

ConvergenceDo you know what convergence means? It is when two critical points intersect with each other in time. I believe it is when your entire life’s preparation, the accumulation of ‘who you are” and ‘all you know’, combined with what you are currently sensing (seeing and hearing) converges with an opportune time; an intersection or entry point where opportunity presents itself for your promotion. This promotion is seized only if you can recognize it and enter into its new flow. The Greeks referred to this moment as kairos (καιρός), a word indicating “an opportune moment” to act upon an open window, which will usher you much closer to your destiny. You and I must be vigilant and discern when this time or day arrives, so we can take advantage of its offerings. David discerned his kairos moment when he “heard” Goliath’s threat (1 Samuel 17:34) on the battle lines. David, at this point, sensed his opportunity to act; the reason why he was sent to the battle-lines.

Convergence is a time of promotion; a time when you intersect with a key person or significant event in your life, which will propel you further into your destiny. Will you be able to recognize this day or event when it arrives? What are you doing today to prepare yourself for this appointed day in time? Convergence is not a once in a lifetime event; many opportunities for convergence present themselves throughout your life.

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Excerpt from @LatinoTownhall’s Workshop with #Latino Youth by Pastor Christian Falcon

Summary of what was spoken at the 11th Annual Lawrence Weekly Latino Youth Summit in Las Vegas:


An old proverb says, “Do you see a man skilled in his work he will serve before kings and not before obscure men.” Notice it says a skilled man and not a talented man. Therefore, a skilled person who does an excellent job will serve among the great, because the great is looking for such men and women. But there will be obstacles that a skilled man or woman will face.

The first obstacle is comparison. If Margaret Thatcher compared herself to others, mainly male predecessors, she would never have been the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Next is the obstacle of fear. What do Bill gates, Steve jobs, and Sam Walton have in common? They conquered their fear. They conquered the fear of embarrassment, the fear of failure, and the fear of being different. Now, they are household names.

The final obstacle Latinos will face is that of rejection. My father, for example, was denied a manager’s position in the Department of Transportation. He kept trying, and finally attained his goal. Now, he is the first Hispanic of manager of D.O.T. in the West Coast.

Christian Falcon, at twenty-two years of age, is an ordained minister whose vision is to see people touched, transformed and closer to Jesus Christ. From the age of 14 he started traveling to various places in the United States, South America and Europe to preach in various congregations, feed the poor and cloth the naked. The result; people saved, healed, delivered and transformed in Christ. Now Christian is the Pastor if ICDN and Fernando Foundation Power Soccer in Atlanta, Georgia.

#Latinos, Don’t Allow Criticism to Hold You Back

In my book The Dimensional Leader, I talk about how criticism can have a negative impact on the weak-minded to keep a person from manifesting their best. Criticism often comes at the point where Best-Ways-To-Deal-With-Negative-Criticismopportunity presents itself; a point in time when your promotion is about to happen. Some person jealous of your next step in life will arise to say something out of line to demean you and your efforts, so you can second-guess yourself. Criticism happens for the purpose of defusing your resolve to move forward; to enter the next level of being and doing. How has criticism kept you back in the past? When you attempt something noble, does a little voice in the back of your head say something like, “You can’t do it!”, “You are not able!”? If the voice of criticism is keeping you from accomplishing a goal or moving forward into the next place hand-made for you, then you got a problem with that little critic in your head. It could be a person close to you, who for some reason said something out of line. Oh, they really did not mean to slander you. It was just something said “out of character” but the lingering affects of those words remain, embedded in your head. So, you continue living in rejection and performance apathy. This is no way to live your life.

How do you get rid of that critic constantly barraging you every time you step out to do something different that will garner you happiness? Buy my book for the answer.

#Latinos, Are You Defeating the Giants in Your Life?

bookpromopic.jpg-large THE DIMENSIONAL LEADER is a book that discusses the leadership strategies of a shepherd boy named David, who would become one of the greatest kings Israel ever had on the throne. Most of us are familiar with the story. Many of us, however, are befuddled on how a teenager could take down such a prized and renowned fighter, but he did. This book reveals how the young man navigated wisely through the crowd and the noise to defeat the giant. Are you willing to confront the insidious giants in your life? If so, read on.

When we read about David’s great triumph over Goliath we simply bypass two previous encounters – Eliab, David’s eldest brother and King Saul, the flustered and reluctant leader of Israel. David had to navigate through these two individuals first to get to his ultimate goal – that of confronting and defeating the malicious behemoth, and thus, wiping away the reproach from Israel. I am positive there have been times in our lives where you and I have had this thought, “I want to be like David.” However, we do not realize the price it took David to achieve a level of leadership mastery. Somehow we bypass those elements of personal sacrifice and testing in the shadows; the hidden places and events, which shaped David’s character. We have the tendency to look upon those who have succeeded as one of God’s favorite kids who were given a free pass to greatness, and somehow everything was handed over to them on a silver platter. This way of thinking is not realistic, nor fair for those who have achieved a level of greatness among us.

Greatness comes with a price tag. In other words, anyone who has ever had some legacy worth talking about had to overcome personal challenges and overcome barriers, which catapulted them to a new and improved station in life. It may have been they were willing to confront their fears, which kept them limited and regulated to a mediocre and mundane life. These champions of life succeeded somehow, because they were able to cross what I call the lines of resistance.

A line of resistance is a force seen or unseen, which works against you to constrain you or impose a limitation by restricting you from achieving your dreams, your goals and ultimately your destiny. A line of resistance is also a roadblock or barrier to stop you from moving forward. A line of resistance can eventually create a limiting mindset, a negative attitude, even a habitual pattern, which hinders you from accessing and pursuing your goals, to the point of discouraging you from actualizing your true potential and purpose in life. In the natural realm, a line of resistance can come from the people around you. In the spiritual realm, the lines of resistance arise from Satan and his hoard of demons. In a personal sense, many lines of resistance already exist in our fallen nature, producing destructive patterns in our life. At other times your lines of resistance can be produced when something dramatic occurs in your past where a negative history was created. This negative event in your life may have produced an insecurity, which is now rooted in fear and controls you. If this is true, you then begin to build an image about yourself, which is not based on reality.

The lines of resistance can be self-imposed or they can come from well meaning people, like our close friends or family members. For instance, someone can give us erroneous counsel diverting us down the wrong road from our destiny for many years. This is why parents, mentors, clergy, and others play a pivotal role in developing and directing the lives of young people. If we “buy-into” these limitations we can end up living on the wrong side of the tracks, instead of what could be — a life of mastery, filled with abundant living.

Have you ever taken an inventory of your life to find out what can be possible? Have you ever challenged yourself to break out of the old mindsets that keep you where you are? This book will challenge you to identify, confront and traverse over those debilitating lines of resistance, which have kept you from experiencing a life above and beyond your true and rightful potential. Be challenged and enjoy! Joel C. Garcia

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